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Work with patients, not paperwork.

Auxita connects the people in healthcare with one another— and with the information they need— leading to better patient outcomes.

Our digital platform facilitates the pathway to patient care by turning data into insights and eliminating the administrative tasks that can overwhelm your busy healthcare practice and its patients.

  • Pre-populated PSP enrolment forms save you from paperwork and faxes.
  • Easily assign tasks to nurses, admin staff, PSPs, and patients.
  • Our Digital prior authorization features help you quickly aggregate information and collaborate with stakeholders on submissions for insurance coverage decisions.
  • Get complete visibility into your patients' treatment status from enrolment to reimbursement, treatment updates, and renewals.
  • Dashboards and alerts provide visualized trends and identify patients that meet screening criteria to get them into treatment faster.
  • Secure communication between healthcare teams and Patient Support Programs, all in one place.


💲  Free-to-use                                                                                           👩‍⚕️ Designed with physicians  

🔐  Safe and secure                                                                                   ✔️  PIPEDA, PIPA, and PHIPAA compliant

🌐  Remote access to programs and patients                                       💬  Bilingual, FR and EN      

 📶  Integrates seamlessly with EMR + EHR                          


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